My Story

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I am Mummy and Trainers! 

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher and help children with their education. Being the eldest of four children has definitely contributed to my early character building, being caring, responsible, and attentive.

Overtime, I gained the skills and qualifications to follow my passion to enter the teaching profession.

Mummy and Trainers was created during my maternity leave. I was only off for six months, as I wanted to complete my Masters in Educational Practice which I did. Looking back now, I do not know how I managed to look after a new born baby, study, travel to university, and teach full time. It was the support of my family especially with childcare that enabled me to achieve this personal milestone.

At first, I was just posting photos of my son and I’s adventures. Then, it struck me, I wanted to use my expertise to support parents with helping their little ones to learn through play. I began posting activities that I did with my son to show parents and carers how easy it can be to implement learning at home.

I am an advocate for learning through play and supporting parents to implement play at home. 

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