Parent Consultations
Parent Consultation 1-2-1
Early Years Education is the foundation that underpins your child's educational journey.

This bespoke consultation will give parents the opportunity to ask questions about their child's educational progress. You will be provided with tailored advice, tips and strategies to implement learning at home.
The consultation covers the following areas:
  • Preschool
  • Reception
  • Key Stage One
You will receive:
  • 30 minute zoom session 
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Preparing Your Child For Reception Consultation
Starting Reception is an exciting milestone for your little one.

Preparing your child for Reception consultation, is your opportunity to ask Nichole who is Mummy and Trainers questions, tips and advice about your child starting school.

The 30 minutes 1-1 consultation will cover the following:
Learning through play
  •  Supporting your child's learning at home
Reception expectations
  •  What your child needs to know
  • Your opportunity to ask questions to support your child's transition to Reception.
  • Gain an insight into the Early Years Curriculum
  • You will receive a downloadable Mummy and Trainers Starting School Cards PDF to prepare your child for Primary School.
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