10 Tips to support learning through play during the festive period

The festive season is a fun time for our little ones. However, this time of the year can be a little overwhelming. Shopping, cooking, family and keeping our little ones entertained during the Christmas holidays.

To support you, here are 10 tips to encourage learning through play at home as you prepare for your festive fun!

  1. Organise your arts and crafts resources

  2. Save and reuse recycling materials for Christmas craft fun

  3. Read festive books click here for an example

  4. Encourage drawing and writing by creating a Christmas writing station at home

  5. Incorporate quiet time into your week and find time to relax with your little one click here

  6. Make sure your child has easy access to their resources/toys

  7. Talk to your child and prepare them for what's ahead during the Christmas holidays

  8. Make a festive treat with your child

  9. Make a paper bauble for your Christmas tree click here

  10. Decorate a paper snowflake

Share these 10 tips to support your fellow parents, carers and friends.

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