babies day out!

First of all, last night was not a great night! As I am breastfeeding my little one was constantly waking up for food, so this morning I was extremely tired. However, today was an exciting day as I meet up with my friend who is also a first time mum to twins!

Went to Horniman Museum in Forest Hill London, it was such a great day out! As soon as we arrived at the museum all three boys needed a feed and changing, so we had to sort them out first. We looked around the museum and explored the grounds- Lots of green space . One thing I will say as a breastfeeding mum, you never know when your child needs a feed (Unless you got a strict schedule). So, in the cafe I had to feed my little one, luckily there were many parents around with babies, toddlers and children so no one seemed to mind (As you know how some people get when a mum whips out a tit! lol) check out some of the pictures below and also my instagram page for more pictures.

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