Busy, busy, busy!

First of all 'Happy August!' It's been a while since my last post, being a new mum it's been all go! So where do I begin?

So....little one has started teething and he's only three months! I noticed that he kept putting his hand in his month and not to mention the dribbling lol! Therefore, we are going through so many bibs a day! Luckily my cousin bought him a teething ring which he absolutely loves! (I will tell you the brand of the teething ring).

Last week, I took him to London for the first time. We meet with my friend who is also a first time mum, we saw the Shard and went to ZIzzi's in South Bank (You can see what I ate on my instagram page). It was good day however, because we traveled by train I was cautious to get home before the evening rush hour. I've learned from past experiences it's not nice getting onto a packed train with a pram!

From my blog you will see that I am sticking to my healthy eating. Being a first time mum and breastfeeding, I know the importance of having a healthy body. I start my mornings with a green smoothie and throughout the day I snack on melons, apples and pears (They are my favourite fruits). For lunch and dinner I eat different types of beans with salad, I try and be as adventurous as possible. Who said healthy eating is boring?!

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