The Christening

Last week, was quite stressful as the christening was fast approaching and I was busy along with my mum buying the last minute things. As a first time mum I did not know how much preparation was needed. On Friday Joshua's godmothers came to help with the food preparations, we did not finish until 2:15 am! On Saturday my tooth decided to hurt, I was not impressed, luckily I got an emergency appointment. This enhanced my stress levels as I still had last minute things to buy. Time was not on my side but I managed to get what I needed. Later on, Joshua's other two godmothers came and helped to set up the tables for the marquee.

So...The big day Sunday, it was an early start, we all got to the church on time and dedication was beautiful! After the service we all went home and it was all hands on deck! Everyone pulled together (As we had 75 balloons to blow up and dress the marquee). The rest of the day was magical, with my family and close friends I could not ask for a better day!

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