Nothing fits!

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves.

So....Nothing fits! Yes this is about clothes and what to wear lol. On Saturday my friend invited me out to an event and I had to wear black. Everyone has something black in their wardrobe right? WRONG! I thought I had something to wear but nothing fitted, absolutely nothing. Now as first time mum I did not realise how much weight I would put on, throughout my pregnancy I did not put weight on until the last 2 months. Obviously I enjoy being a mum but I really do want to lose more weight. I have been watching what I am eating and do not see healthy eating as a chore, more as a lifestyle change. My birthday is soon approaching so I will use that as goal to lose weight.

On my Instagram, I will be sharing what I make so you can see the type of food I enjoy to eat as part of my healthy lifestyle. I will be starting tomorrow and will keep you posted :)

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