Morning! It has been a while.....

Right now it is 6.50am and my little one is asleep, so I thought this is a perfect time to write. For the past few weeks I have been worrying A LOT! Worrying about the future, going back to work, affordable childcare, friends, going out etc.....

As a first time mum I knew that my life would change, but I did not realise the emotional roller coaster that I would face. I want to share with you my worries and how I am trying to face them head on like a trooper :)

Being a mum:

Looking after my son (he's 4 months now) I worry if I am doing things right, I am always questioning myself to see if I am being a 'great mum'. To overcome this I have been attending various mother and baby classes and speaking to other mums. I feel this has helped me as I know that I am not the only mum feeling this way.

The future:

Now, planning for the future is scary especially when you are a mum. I have a million and one things running through my head with this one. Having enough money, which school will my son go to, after school and weekend activities I would like him to attend, the list is endless. To overcome this, I have to remind myself everyday to take each day as it comes. I know it is good to plan for the future but I know that I should cherish this time that I have with my son.

Going back to work:

This I feel hits home for every mother! When is it the right time to go back to work? Are you ready to go back? How will I cope being away from my child for the first time? Answer? Every individual circumstances is different for each mother and that is what I tell myself whenever I think about going back to work.

We all worry about everyday things that occur in our lives, it it inevitable. However, what we can do is change our negative thinking to positive thinking and take things one day at a time :)

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