My Birthday!

Last week was my birthday!!!!!! This was extra special for me, as I was celebrating my birthday as a first time mum. My little one woke me up early in the morning as he's teething, so I though to myself what can I do today? I decided to drive to Westfield shopping center in Stratford. I was a bit nervous, as I have never driven that far before, by myself with my little one!

The journey there was not that bad, it took me an hour to drive and luckily for me my little one slept throughout the journey! I went to couple of shops and also bought my son a jacket from Mamas and Papas. I treated myself to a jacket from New Look and chocolate from Thornton's (I adore chocolate!). I must admit I did not spend too long in Stratford as 1- I did not want to get caught in the traffic on the way home and 2- My mum organised a birthday family


Before I left I feed my son and made sure he was changed ready for the journey home.

On the way home I was lucky again, as my son slept throughout the journey! This time the journey took 47 minutes (thank you WAZE).

Later on, my family and I went to our favourite restaurant for my birthday meal. Below is me enjoying my meal whilst wearing my breastfeeding shawl. I had such a great time and had my chocolate birthday cake! Before I knew it, it was time to wrap the night up for bed.

My chocolate birthday cake from Lola cupcakes yum!

This birthday has made me appreciate life more. Being a mum has given me a new outlook on life I love being a mum :)

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