Back at work!

It's been a while!!!!!!!!!!

It has been two weeks already since I have been back to work. The preparation before hand was absolutely needed. My little one went to nursery for two weeks of the settling in period. During the days that he was at nursery, it dawned on me that I was going back to work! I must admit I knew this day was coming but it was a lot sooner than I expected. So, I prepared myself by ironing my clothes getting my work pass, bag and all the other essentials needed.

The big day arrived! Monday morning getting up at 5.30am this was the easy bit, getting ready in the morning. The hardest bit was leaving Joshua at Nursery knowing that I would not see him until 4.15pm that afternoon.

Walking into work and sitting in the staff room was surreal, the head teacher welcomed me back and everyone said hi. But, as soon at the briefing ended I darted back to my classroom, I did not want everyone to ask the typical questions. How are you? Where's Joshua? How do you feel leaving him for the first time? Now, I know everyone means well but I knew if I answered those questions for the whole day, I was destined to cry it was inevitable. Luckily, the first day went very quickly and now its been two weeks!

I am still adjusting and trying to finding a routine that works, especially in the evening as I want to go back to the gym but that's another story and blog :)

I am enjoying my new working mum role and I know I have to keep going :)

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