At home during the summer holidays

Evening all!

Today I was feeling very tired, my body needed to rest. So Joshua and I stayed at home and chilled. As a mum it’s important to make sure that I look after myself to ensure that I’m at my best for Joshua.

Entertaining a toddler at home can be a little tricky. So I’ve complied a list of activities which you can do at home.

  1. Reading to your child.

  2. Toys! Let your child play with their favourite toys.

  3. The garden! All children like to explore nature. You can create a treasure hunt where your child can find different objects which are hidden in the garden.

  4. You can let your child use the Ipad to explore nursery rhymes, counting games etc.

  5. Pots and pans! Now this can get a bit noisy but young children love to explore different sounds.

  6. Provide colouring pens, pencils and paper to see what your little one draw.

  7. Shaving foam and a tray! Joshua loves this activity, he enjoys exploring the texture of the shaving foam and it helps with his fine motor skills.

  8. Containers and beans! Using these two resources the list of activities are endless. Joshua enjoys putting the beans in a line, filling the containers and pouring out the beans. (use large beans and watch your little one at all times with this activity).

  9. Car wash! provide your little one with a bowl, soapy water, a sponge and their cars.

  10. Cooking!

I hope the list helps, please let me know if you completed any of the activities with your little ones.

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