Summer holidays! Week 4

Afternoon all How are we today? Week 4 is completed!

This week, was quiet as Joshua and I spent the days chilling at home and running errands. I even went into school to collect some work (life of a teacher).

Running everyday errands, can be seen as a chore when you have your little ones with you. can turn these errands into learning opportunities. Such as a visit to your local supermarket. I went to the supermarket and Joshua was restless. So, I asked him to hold the shopping list and pen and he tried to tick off the items. This may seem simple, but giving Joshua the list and the pen made him feel apart of the shopping trip, as to just sitting there in the trolley. This also encourages communication and language skills, as you talk to your child about the items and explain what they are.

Another learning opportunity is counting the fruit and vegetables that you put into bag and identifying the different colours. For example '1 green apple'.

Apart from running errands, on Wednesday we went to Horniman Museum which Joshua really enjoyed. He loved looking at the different animals and exploring the beautiful grounds. I would definitely recommend this museum as its free entry, but you have to pay for some exhibitions/workshops. Also, there is an opportunity for children to explore musical sounds outside within the museum gardens.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and please feel free to contact me.


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