Hi all!

How are we? Are you all looking forward Christmas? I am!

Last week I ran a poll on my instagram page. i asked my followers what they would like me to write about. They voted for activities to do at home with their little ones. I have a list of activities which are easy, fun and enjoyable.

1- Magazine pictures

Once your child has finished with their old magazine, you can help them to cut out their favourite picture and stick them onto a piece of paper. Your child can then decorate the paper with crayons, colouring pencils or felt tips.

2- Writing Case

You can create a writing case for your child using an old box, bag or a case. I used an old gift case, which was given to me a few years ago. I filled the case with an old diary, notepad, lined paper, colouring pencils, crayons and highlighters. This is a great way to encourage you child to independently draw . Depending on the size of the case, you can take it out and about which keeps your child entertained.

3- Letter time

Reuse your old envelopes! When you receive your post, keep the envelopes as your child can imagine that they are writing a letter to someone. Provide your child with a range of paper and writing tools to select from. Once they have finished writing, they can put their letter into the envelope.

4-Powder time

You will need a plastic plate or tray and talcum powder, if not flour or cornflour. Pour a little bit of powder onto the plate or tray. Then, allow your child to mark make. This activity helps to strengthen your child's fine motor skills.

5- Number matching

For this activity, you will need post-it notes, highlighter, paper and a felt tip. Write numbers 0-5 on the piece of paper. Then write the numbers 0-5 on a post-it note. Ask your child to find a number on the post-it note and match it with the number on the paper.

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