4 Activities to enjoy learning during the Easter holidays

The Easter holidays are here and your little ones need something to do!

Read the four activities below to help your child to enjoy learning through play.

1. Baking:

Discuss with your little one what they would like to bake with you. Talk about the different ingredients you will use. Baking supports maths skills, as you can encourage your child to count, measure, weigh and compare the ingredients.

2. Arts and crafts:

A great way to encourage your little one to be creative and think of their own ideas of what to make. This activity supports expressive arts and design, as your child can use their imagination to make anything! You can discuss with your child the tools and resources they will need to make their work of art!

3. Small world play:

Allow your little one to enjoy their cars, dinosaurs, unicorns or animals. Using small world play supports communication and language, as your little one can make up or retell a story.

4. Role play:

A fun way to explore different characters with dressing up in costumes and

using props. Role play supports knowledge and understanding of the world, as you can discuss with your child real life roles. For example, your little one can act out occupations and pretend to be a firefighter, doctor or a teacher.

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