4 tips to avoid burnout

Recently, I experienced burnout. I woke up one day and my head was spinning, I was extremely tired and couldn't get out of bed. My body was telling me I had to rest!

As a mum and teacher, being on the go happens. Running errands, cooking, cleaning, teaching, planning and preparing.

When we are busy, sometimes we may not listen to our body. We may have lots to do, but sometimes we feel we can not slow down. Since experiencing burnout, I now listen to my body and incorporate different ways to help me to avoid burnout.

1. Listen to your body

If I feel tired or overwhelmed, I stop and take a break when I can. I also make sure that I go to bed at a reasonable time.

2. Have a rest day

Select a day within the week to rest. A day to just chill and recharge your batteries. On your rest day, you could read a book, watch your favourite show or listen to your favourite music..

3. Write a list

Write a to do list to manage your daily tasks. This helps to identify and prioritise tasks that you need to complete day to day.

4. Do something you enjoy

What do you enjoy? Cooking or baking, walking, gardening or painting. Find a hobby and do something that you enjoy!

Which tip will you try today?

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