5 Tips to Encourage Writing

Writing for young children is known as mark making. This is a sensory experience that children explore whilst making marks on paper using writing resources. There are various ways which you can use, to encourage your little one to enjoy mark making at home.

1. Develop fine motor skills

Provide pegs to pick up small pom-pom balls or play dough to strengthen your child’s fingers.

2. Explore sensory mark making

Give your little one the opportunity to explore making lines or circles in flour, oats or paint.

3. Provide writing resources

Allow opportunities for writing at home by providing child safe pens, crayons, pencils and large paper.

4. Use old magazine

Cut out pictures of your child’s favourite characters. Stick the pictures on a piece of paper and see what marks or letters your child writes.

5. Enjoy mark making and writing with your little one

Model how to use writing and sensory resources with your little one.

Click the image above to find out about Joshua's drawing.

Have fun mark making and writing!

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