5 tips to enjoy World Book Day

World Books Day is upon us! This is a great time to build excitement and a love for reading. Throughout my years of teaching, I have helped reluctant readers to become book enthusiasts. I have used the activities below time and time again within my classroom and have adapted them for you to implement within your home.

  1. Create a reading den and fill with a range of your child's favourite books.

  2. Make puppets of characters from the story and your little one can act out the story as you are reading to them.

  3. Enjoy a book treasure hunt at home. Encourage your child to look for their favourite books.

  4. Get creative and make a book mark.

  5. Role play! Set the stage and watch your child's performance. Once you have read a book to your child, ask them to act out their favourite part of the story.

Which activity will your try? comment below and enjoy World Book Day!

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