Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

February 7th -13th 2022 marks Children's Mental Health Awareness Week.

During this week, share books with your little ones that highlight children's feelings and emotions. Not forgetting to celebrate our children's differences and building their independence, resilience and confidence.

Read books such as:

  • The colour monster

  • Ruby's Worry

  • What are feelings?

  • It's okay to be different

  • Tilda tries again

  • Today I am strong

Sometimes it can be a little challenging for our little ones to identify and control their feelings. Here are five tips to help you with your little one:

1- Read books about feelings and emotions

2- Co-regulation by finding strategies to help your child when they are feeling angry, sad or have lots of energy

3- Talk about friends at school and how your child can regulate their interactions with others

4- Give your child opportunities to show independence and build resilience

5-If your child finds it a little difficult to talk about their feelings encourage your child to draw a picture that represents what they feel or how their day went at school.

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