It’s home time, how do you greet your child? How was your day? "Fine" your child replies.

We all want to know how our children's day went at school or preschool. Here are 4 quick tips to start the conversation!

1. Tell your child one thing that you did during the day. For example, for lunch I ate pasta. What did you eat?

2. Ask the question, who did you play with? This will help you to identify your child’s friendship circle.

3. Did you do any writing or counting today? Depending on your child’s interests, they may talk about a particular subject they enjoy. Yesterday evening, I asked my son, "did you do any writing?" And he replied, “I did good writing mummy, I write the c sound and I did 5!”

4. What did you enjoy at school today? Asking this question will help you to start identifying your child’s emotions and feelings.

When you pick your little one up from school, remember specific and precise questions to see how their day went.

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