How to implement learning through play for an only child at home

Currently, my son is an only child. Therefore, I have to think of different ways to implement learning through play at home. As a parent of an only child, you may think 'Is my child lonely? Are they having fun playing independently?' These are both very common questions and there are ways to ensure that your child enjoys their play.

Read the 4 easy steps below to implement learning through play for your little one at home.

1- Spend time with your child and model how to play

Spending quality time with your little one, enables your child to see how to play and use the age related resources or toys. This is an opportunity for you to observe how your child plays.

2- Introduce independent play

Once you have modelled how to play with your child. You can create a safe, play space for your little one to explore their toys on a playmat or rug. Depending on your child's age, ensure that they can easily access their toys or resources.

3- Communicate

For babies and young toddlers, tell your little one that you will be back. For example give them 5 minutes at first to explore playing independently. Within this time you will be close by, observing how your little one enjoys learning through play. As your child grows, you will see that they will become more independent and play as long as they like!

4- Rotate your child's toys/resources

As your child becomes confident with playing independently, change their toys and resources to suit their interests. This will keep your child engaged with their play.

Happy learning through play and implementing independent play!

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