My blog is back!

So, It has been a while since I have written a new blog post. However, I thought I would revive my blog and share my everyday life as a mum, teacher and EYFS specialist. Since my last post, I have been supporting my mummy and trainers community with free EYFS activities, tips and advice to implement learning through play at home. I am enjoying teaching, being a mum and supporting my community and parents with their little ones

As we are all living in the pandemic, as parents we are finding ways to adapt to lockdown and homeschooling. Personally, it has not been easy but I try my best to look on the bright side and carry on. Currently, as I am writing this blog post it is the first day of the February half term. Normally, I would have taken Joshua to a museum or a playdate, instead he wants to have a movie day, so a movie day it is! Joshua made cinema tickets out of cardboard and asked me to draw Spiderman's face and he drew Sonic the Hedgehog.

As a parent, I am finding different ways to entertain Joshua at home. We have to take each day at a time and try our best to be positive.

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