What is learning through play?

Play is important to children's development. Learning through play helps children to learn and understand the world around them.

The power of play supports:

  • Language skills

  • Social skills

  • Cognitive skills

Language skills

Developing children's language skills is vital. As a child's communication and language skills develops, they will be able to express their wants, needs and feelings. You can implement the follow strategies below to support your little one at home.

  • Read a range of non-fiction and fiction books

  • Identify and say everyday objects within your home

  • Sing nursery rhymes and songs

  • Explore your local environment and discuss what you can see

Social skills

Supporting your child's social skills, helps them to interact with others, Sharing with their peers and understand their behaviour and feelings. To develop your child's social skills, try the following below:

  • Play board games

  • Use language such as 'my turn and your turn'

  • Encourage eye contact when speaking to your child

  • Talk about emotions

Cognitive skills

Enhancing your child's cognitive skills, is the ability to support your child to think, understand and explore. With children's early childhood, they are taught to problem solve, process information, enhance their attention and reasoning skills.

See below activities to implement at home to support your child's cognitive skills.

  • Use building blocks

  • Arts and craft

  • Puzzles and sorting objects

  • Pretend play

  • Story telling

For more support to implement learning through play at home.

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